The suit that will be worn by the Moon

The US Space Agency NASA has designed two new types of suits for astronauts going to the moon.The design of these new suits, made under the agency’s Armatis program, was presented to the world by NASA chief Jim Bridenstein on Wednesday. The first suit is named XEMU, which is similar to the one currently worn on the International Space Station. NASA says that it is better to walk on the moon and its fit is also better than before.

Along with this, there is also an orange colored suit model which is being called Oraon Crew Survival System. This suit made with a helmet can be worn by astronauts when the Orion spacecraft is released from the earth and then it will enter the earth. It can be worn while going to the moon as well as going to other planets. Exploration Extravascular Mobility Unit ie XEMU suit is adapted to the shape of the body of the astronaut.

In March this year, a group of women astronauts were going to the International Space Station. This plan was stopped when these female astronauts could not be provided with a suit that fit them properly. Spacecraft engineer Amy Ross says that in these new suits, astronauts will be able to use hands and wrists better than before. They will be able to rotate their hands above the head.

Along with this, these new suits have been made more flexiban near the waist and knees so that the astronaut can bend and lift any stone when needed. According to spacecraft engineer Christine Davis, this will go a long way in researching the moon against the old suits. Amy Ross says that this suit is so strong that it will not cause any harm due to the lunar dust flying on the moon.

The supply of oxygen within these suits has also been improved. Astronauts who wear it can work for eight hours without worry, for emergency, another hour of oxygen is also in the suit. “This suit is designed to bring you home safely. Wearing it can make you work and sit easily,” says Dustin Gomert of the Johnson Space Center wearing Oraon crew survival system. This suit is fully capable of withstanding the changing air pressure within the spacecraft in a vacuum. “This suit is designed to be safe for at least six days under changing pressure in space,” says Dustin.

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